Monday, July 22, 2024

Hi, and welcome to the 3E Database!

This site is quickly moving towards being a relic. I may need to retire it soon, since I am not actually working on it anymore.

I would like to thank all the players who have found this site useful and who still use for their games. Kudos to you all.


This site is dedicated to the use and storage of Dungeons & Dragons character files. You will be able to create and store, edit, and keep track of all your Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition characters at this site. It is intended for use in message board games that currently do not offer such facilities. If you wish to store characters here, we ask that you register yourself as a user. This will allow us to keep track of which characters belong to you. We will not let anyone else other than yourself change or delete your characters.

With that said,
Good Gaming To You All!

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